This site started as a personal initiative of the teacher and grew up to become an institutional tool, of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Turin. Early development of the site and its evolution would not have been possible if there had not been the input of several people and institutions. I wish to express my grateful thanks to:

Prof. Norbert Haider, (University of Vienna) for the development of molecular MolDB6.

dr. Peter Ertl (Novartis) and Dr. Bruno Bienfait (Molecular Networks) for the continuous development of JavaScript application JSME

Prof. Robert Hanson, for the continuous development of JavaScript application JSMol and multiplatform Java program JMol, wide availability to develop specific functions within JMol/JSMol, for the help and many tips.

Prof. Otis Rothemberger, for the great help in the Javascript / HTML programming of complex pages. His help was essential for the preparation of the IUPAC naming page. During this work I learned so much from Otis, esepcially about the use of advanced functions in Javascript and the AJAX communication with remote servers. Our common interest to develop applications devoted to teaching activities based on Free and Open Source apps, was the foundation of this collaboration, which we hope will produce other results for students, all over the world

Prof. Nick Greeves (University of Liverpool), for the development of the site ChemTube 3D and of that of the Mechanism Animations contained in the site. We thank Prof. Greeves for the distribution of all the material and animations of the ChemTube 3D site under the Creative Commons licence, thus granting to all people, students and Teachers, to use them to improve their study of Organic Chemistry.

My research group at the University of Turin (Prof. E. Barni, Prof. G. Viscardi, Prof. C. Barolo, Dr. N. Barbero), which has always encouraged me to explore new research and teaching activity and opportunities.

the Department of Chemistry, the Bachelor of science in Chemistry and the Master of Science in Materials Science

the ICT Group (Direction of Information Science) of the University of Turin for the hosting service availability, Dr. Paolo Riccati Dr. Alessandro Greganti for the server preparation and several informations and advices.

Il Piano Lauree Scientifiche of the ITALIAN MINISTRY of EDUCATION and RESEARCH (MIUR), for the provision of teaching support scholarship, dedicated to programming interactive web pages for the learning and performing improvement of students.