Information about using this Menu

In this menu are links to animated representations of reaction mechanisms

The mechanisms are reported along the functional group to which they are referred in most relevant books.

Mechanisms are provided by the University of Liverpool. Prof. Nick Greeves and his group have made quantum mechanics calculations and have provided these excellent free animations.

You are invited to view and inspect the individual mechanisms to consolidate the knowledge acquired during the study.

You should first study the mechanism on the text, in order to learn the basics with the right rhythm, suitable for each of us. Once you have acquired the basic mechanism, it is worth checking through the animation if everything that has been learned is true or if you need to improve your knowledge.

Prof. Greeves and his group are gratefully ackwnoledged for the enormous contribution that they made available free of charge to students.

You are invited to not be enchanted by the beauty of representations (at least ... not only!), but try to relate what one observes with the theory that was studied.