Organic Chemistry

Welcome to this site dedicated to the support of students engaged in the preparation of the organic chemistry exam!

Organic Chemistry is a demanding discipline, presenting interactions and connections to all other disciplines. It presents a continuous balance between theory and practice and requires a consistent application in the study. The secret to a good preparation is to constantly follow the lessons and apply immediately in reviewing the arguments of the lectures and perform numerous exercises.

The site was created to support students of organic chemistry Course for the degree Course in Material Science and Technology at the University of Turin, offering resources for the study of the matter and for the execution of the exercises.

In any case, a part of the exercises is available freely to anyone arriving on this site through a Web search, need to practice with the organic chemistry.

Hoping that what was proposed at this site is interesting and useful for your preparation, I wish you a fruitful study and ... ... good luck for your exam!


iOrgChem News

  • May 7, 2017 News:

    On the iOrgChem site a new page was introduced today::

    In the Exercises Menu the page "Determination of E/Z Isomers: A Step-by-Step Guide" was added. One can assign the alkene carbon priority following the Cahn-Ingold-Prelog rules and assign the E/Z Configuration. Draw it... ...have fun!

  • Mar 12, 2018 News:


    On the iOrgChem site a new page was introduced today::


    In the Exercises Menu, under the Nomeclature submenu, the page "Name Your Molecule" was added. One can assign the Name to every molecule you can draw. As far as we know this is first example of a free page which can do this. We wish to thank prof. Otis Rothemberger (Illinois State University) for the great help and for the aadvices in the in the programming activity!