In this menu are offered weekly Quiz, proposed during the course and examination papers so far presented to the students.

In order to correctly answer questions about organic synthesis is necessary to draw the molecules that are produced by the reaction proposal. In this case, is made available to the application JavaScript JSME. Its use is briefly described here (to prepare).



1) be careful not to forget carbons when you draw the "product structure".

2) pay attention to stereochemistry arrangement of atoms which are inserted on the skeleton starting molecule. If steroselettività exists (e.g in bromination of alkenes), it must be made explicit.

3) in the Quiz "examination" type is proposed to describe the synthesis of one molecule from another without giving neither reactants nor products of each step. Will show only the number of steps required. It is important to note that the description of each step must indicate to the left of the arrow: first organic molecule that reacts, then the reagent and finally any catalyst. to the right of the arrow will be shown the product molecule, or more molecules (organic only to simplify!) If more than one form.

4) to draw more than one molecule in applying JSME, just click (if available) on the NEW button each time you want to draw a new molecule in addition to those present.